First, I have to say THANK YOU to all of you who played along with Pensieve’s Picture Puzzler’s inaugural puzzler post.  I’d say for a first go ’round, it went swimmingly well.

Second, we DID have a winner early on…and best of all, this blogger meets the only requirement I asked–that a p3 button be included on the blog’s sidebar with a link back to the information page (whew!  I know most of the commenter’s didn’t do this, so I’m SO GLAD the winner did!).  Taking a queue from one of my blogmentors, Ree, I’m using sponsor revenue to cover the cost of prizes.  O B V I O U S L Y, I’ve got nowhere near her readership, so linking to help promote this contest is my best shot at wider exposure (in turn, generating more revenue).  In short, if you correctly guess the Puzzler but don’t have a button link in your sidebar (or even on a post announcing the monthly contest to your own readers), I’ll move on to the next person.  This goes for "creative" guesses, too.

I genuinely appreciate links back to this blog, and this was my way of paying y’all back :).

First, there were two winners for "creative" guesses; not only did their comments catch my attention, they linked back to Pensieve :):

Karmyn, "Canned Wild Rice, shipped directly from Canada" (huh?) and Jen,
whose "black olives" guess was prize-worthy because she has a
three-year-old can in her own cupboard.

The next group was definitely creatively prize worthy except for that pesky detail of linking back to the PPP on their blogs…

Mark, "Whoop A$$" (I guffawed on this one.  Yes, guffawed.  Unexpectedly hee-lair!).

Michelle, Oh, my, a close second behind Mark; you’ll have to scroll through comments because hers comes with a link (choosing not to upload it here) that’ll leave you saying, "WHAT???!!!" (while simultaneously chortling).

Swampwitch, (an entire poem, please click this link back to the post to read her almost-winning creativity)

Carmi, "Fried Eels and Octopus" (what’s HE smoking???)

Paisley, "Laughter" (I just LOVED the play on words)

Now, without further ado, the first correct guess and winner of the $25 Visa Card:    

Dianne, Bunny Trails.  Click the picture and you can SEE her winning guess!  There were several who guessed this as well; having written about them in the past (you really should try that recipe!), it would’ve been reasonable to think I have extra in our pantry.


Dianne, Karmyn and Jen, email your snail mail address to me and I’ll get your prizes in the mail pronto!

Again, thanks for playing along and for doing whatever you can to help spread the word about Pensieve’s Picture Puzzler.  Tune back next month around this time for another chance to win! 

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