Ann, For the Long Run, is hostess for this week’s Fun Monday.  Her topic?  To share a website that changed my life…one I can’t live without.

My first thought?  This one.  It’s my "go to" spot for everything I wanna know.  Even when I’m not searching with "google" I use the term "google" Bandaids
generically.  Hmmm, it’s the "Kleenex" or "Band-Aid" of search engines!

I had two quick thoughts that followed my first impression:

1) This site belongs to a friend who first introduced me to blogging over 2 years ago.  She’s a young married, back in school, and gave up blogging for a while.  Glad to see she’s cranked things up again after her honeymoon hiatus.

2)  This site has definitely changed my life and altered my recent past, present and future.  That’s pretty powerful if you think about it….

If you aren’t part of Fun Monday, be sure to let me know your favorite  "life-changing" website(s) in comments :).

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