…but Shannon, blog diva superb, had a little limerick contest and I’m in contention to win this.  Right now I’m in next to last place 🙁, and I sure could use a little help from my friends–if not to win, at least to boost my fragile self esteem.  She’s got a poll up and readers will determine the winner. 


It’s not just about winning the prize, it’s about WINNING BECAUSE OF WRITING LIMERICKS!!!

You might not know this, but I love writing them…and reading good ones.  And winning limerick contests like the one hosted by the Mamas of Drama???  Well, that practically renders my mental faculties inert. 


Pensieve’s Poetic License didn’t just happen out of the blue…seeds began sprouting for it 16 months ago when I had a limerick party; it made sense that the debut of PPL would begin with limericks.

So…whoever has the most votes by Monday morning at 8:00 CST wins.

If you don’t miMary_engelbreit_queennd voting for me as many times as the poll will allow/just kidding/no I’m not/, I sure would appreciate it!!  AND FOR MY NON-BLOGGING FRIENDS WHO SNEAK AND READ MY BLOG?  Y’ALL CAN VOTE, TOO!  CLICK HERE FOR THE POLL.

** s i g h **  Limerick Queen…I sure would like to snag that crown :).

p.s.  Here’s my entry if you wanna know what you’re voting for:

What’s at stake?  An mp3 player.
Would it help if I lift up a pray-er?
“Dear God, help me win
I’ll do my best not to sin”–
All I’ve got now’s an 8-track tape player!   

And in keeping with "me", I’m afraid, writing limericks is like eating Lay’s Potato Chips…I can’t eat one of the latter, and no way in can I write just ONE of the former.  Here are the ones that didn’t make the cut; I imagine you’ll agree with the LAST LINE of the LAST POEM–

Blogging contests get my heart thumpin’
Ree and Shannon, fun prizes they’re a-dumpin’
“Caption This”, “Limerick That”
Now jump through this hat!
If they asked me “How high?” I’d be jumpin’!

“Mean mom” I’ve been called once or twice
By my kids, when they think I’m “not nice”.
No, I’m not their best friend,
One day, yes, but til then,
Tough love (but with hugs), my advice.

A similar version:

“Mean mom” I’ve been called once or twice
By my kids, when they think I’m “not nice”.
I won’t buy them a cell–
Fight that battle, it’s hell!
Our convictions sure come with a price.

Shannon at Rock in My Dryer
Her contest, sure to inspire.
Limericks, we’ll write
Smart, witty, contrite—
Til, to bed, we finally retire.

I’m stuck in a limerick black hole;
Five-line rhymes pour forth from my soul.
Yikes!  I’ve got stuff to do
Pick up kids, find my shoe!
Help me stop–I’m outta control!!

Thank you and good night :).

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