Are you the type who enjoys a good come-from-behind victory?  If so, click this and remember my name is "R-o-b-i-n".

(If not, applaud the fact I’m getting a nice slice of humble pie and a butt-kickin’ in the process.)  (Is "butt-kickin’" a bad word?)  (What else could I have said?)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I’ve been blog-busy lately– Pensieve’s Poetic License, Picture Puzzler, and now, this week……..SNACKALICIOUS SUPER DISHES-meets-RECIPE ROUND UP!  WAHOOO!  I can’t wait to see your favorite crowd-pleasing, appetizing Super Bowl snack recipes!  Please make plans to link a recipe on this Friday (the 25th) and you’ll be eligible to win one of 13 cookbooks; it doesn’t have to be an original recipe, it can even be one Recipe_round_up
you’ve seen on another food blog or recipe web site.   Earn additional chances for winning a cookbook by writing a brief post about SSD and including the button in your sidebar (linked back to the FAQs page).

Need an email reminder?  Email me or leave a comment here. Want the rest of the details?  Visit the Snackalicious FAQs page.

Thank y’all for your enthusiasm and encouragement so far…I’m gettin’ excited folks (and I’m not eating a bite til Friday so I’ll be good and hungry when I read your recipes) (I can’t tell a lie…that was a lie…I’m off to eat some of the Cowboy Cookies I made yesterday…:) )


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