Patience is a virtue?

Good things come to those who wait?

[Insert your own cliche here.]

If you’ve won something from "Robin @ PENSIEVE" in the past month (Pensieve’s Picture Puzzler, Snackalicious Super Dishes Cookbooks, SSD Buttermints, or a Bloggy Giveaway), it should be in the mail by the end of business today.

Except the Stampin’ Up notecards–those I’ve actually got to make (but they’ll be so stinkin’ adorable, it will be worth it!).


I might be slow "administratively speaking", but, oh, my word, I’ve got some ummm-boy mad typing skills!  Check it out–

79 words

Free Touch Typing

You type 398 characters per minute
You have 79 correct words and
you have 0 wrong words


What say you?

(Oh, no!  I need to hat-tip someone for the above, but I forgot where I saw it.  PLEASE let me know if it was from you so I can share a little linky-lovin’–sowry!:) )

(Off to look for more packing supplies :/.)

Photocredit:  Fairfax County Public Schools

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