Pensievespoeticlicenselg Sonnets are this month’s form for Pensieve’s Poetic
, English Sonnets in particular.  In honor of Valentine’s Day, you were asked to write about something you love, particularly some thing you love that’s not typically Valentine fare.   
If you click the PPL link, you’ll see writing a sonnet sounds much more intimidating than it actually is.

If you haven’t written one yet, come on, you can do it!  And when yours is completed, be sure to link back here and we’ll come visit!  (Non-bloggers may submit one in comments here or email me and I’ll post it for ya.)

For me, I was waxing nostalgically poetic about one of my favorite things to eat.  Amazingly, it’s not chocolate–or dessert of ANY kind!–or even my precious caramel machiatto brevesCaramel_macchiato…it’s a bit saltier and I could eat my weight in ’em. 

<— Although after I uploaded that picture, I was rethinking my theme selection.  Sudden espresso drink cravings just appeared on my radar…I’m gonna be toast (and a thousand pounds heavier) when that Starbucks gets built at our exit…:/.

One is Never Enough

Fresh and crisp, I greet you, adoring
Hungry for what you’re known to give
Time, irrelevant, evening or morning
I taste you, devour you, and yes, I live!

My favorite shape tis curled and twisted
I’ll seek those among this seasoned crowd
Blended spices, can’t be resisted!
I need some now!  my heart thumps aloud.

Life-long love, paired with Coke, it knows no end.
Tis true “just one” cannot satisfy.
When I reach bottom, feels like losing a friend–
When all are gone I might have to cry.

Come precious, my love, Lay’s Barbecue Chips
Hate thee, I should, you go straight to my hips!


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