A fun little blast from the past sent via email to me by my husband this morning (if this is any kind of a hint–which I’m sure it’s NOT–see how quickly my fingers stick in my ears while I close my eyes and sing-song "La la la…I can’t hear you!"). 

You’ve GOT to embiggen this to fully appreciate it.


"Be a little gay and more interesting to him"????  Ummm, what a difference 50 years makes in interpretation….  For the record, he didn’t make the notes….

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

On a different but related note, during morning drive time, I heard about this challenge on the radio.  I didn’t believe it was true.  After a bit of web-surfing……… it looks like it’s legit. 

Anybody signing up?

I tell ya, between that challenge and my WW post, there sure are some whacky Christians out there (then again, I’ve always confessed to being a freak myself 😉 ). 

(and if you didn’t click the challenge link (and you’d like some good great stimulating provocative imaginative marriage advice) this is one time you need to go back and do so…you won’t believe it!)

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