Livin’ Dolls ~


Please meet (l-r) Polly Esther, Erin and Ivy Caroline, attendees at this year’s Valentine Tea (Polly Esther was "born" with that name…between that and the expression on her face, I HAVE to smile when I look at her!)

"Look, Aunt Robin, we have matching shoes!"


My youngest niece and her cousin were just so ding-dang proud, I HAD to
take pictures of their feet.  Small wonder my other niece, Anna, told
her best friend, "My aunt likes to take pictures of feet."  I had no idea my foot-occupation-reputation was so widespread, even among the younger set.  Oh, well, if the shoe fits…;)

(Almost) Kissin’ Cousins ~



I think these two partners in crime dipped their pinkies into the tea to give it its sweet!


Can someone PLEASE tell me why the statute of limitations for "cute" expires when you hit double digits?  And, while you’re at it, explain to me why it looks like I have a can of Skoal in my pocket??  And if you ask me if I’m pregnant…I will hunt you down and shatter your knee caps ( a) this was after lunch, and b) it’s all about the camera angle).  My spunky co-hort is my baby sister-in-law and I’m thinkin’ she’s gonna hurt me if she sees this.  Don’t tell, k?


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