I t h i n k the original mystery picture might’ve been a bit too difficult to guess what it is; let’s look at a more complete view of this unusual 1900s antique and see if anyone knows what it is now.  Remember, a fantastic Southern "Lady and Sons" prize pack ($50 value), including an autographed copy of those darlin’ Deen brothers’ new cookbook, awaits the lucky correct guesser! 


And guess what, y’all?  There’s gravy for the biscuits!!  Anyone who comments to either of these Picture Puzzler posts is eligible to receive a 20% discount to Paula Deen’s online store !  Now’s the time to sample all those things you’ve been drooling over from her shows!  Or get a new cookbook!  Or Lady_and_sons_travel_mug
copy-cat reading glasses…or a travel mug…or somethin’ a bit spicier.

Chopchop!   Winning prize pack is limited to U.S. residents only, but EVERYONE is eligible for the creative guess winners (please read the p3 link for details). 

And everyone who comments can take advantage of the 20% promotional discount (I’ll email the code to you directly).

**By "close friends" I mean we’re all livin’ in the Southeast…which is closer than if I lived in say, Texas…right?


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