I’m not gonna lie, I absolutely LOVE this picture! 


Isn’t it deliciously WRETCHED??  It’s me, shortly after celebrating my tenth birthday. 

For fun, let’s enumerate how I could love it so:

1)  I could sooo be John Lennon’s sister…or daughter (how old would he be if he were alive??).

2)  I wasn’t ashamed to smile with a matchstick-wide gap-between-my-front-teeth grin.

3)  Bushy, un-yet-tweezed adolescent eyebrows.

4)  Groovy plaid HIP HUGGERS (waaay before low-rise even thought about showing up on the scene!).

5)  Wire-rimmed glasses.

6)  Fashionable paper-clip handmade necklace (I think).

7)  Uber-cool Mickey Mouse watch with a wide white faux leather band.

8)  Wide leather belt (was that even in style then?).

9)  That look of smug satisfaction on my face…like I’m proud of the fact I’M WEARING A SNAKE AROUND MY NECK!!!

WTHeck is up with THAT???  I’m sorry, EVERY.TIME. I look at this picture, I end up in convulsions on the floor!!  Oh sweet mercy, let me wipe the tears from my cheeks!!

This photograph goes to show you two things:

a)  I was a late bloomer.
b)  It was only a matter of time before I went on to BIGGER and BETTER creatures!

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