No embellishment, no flowery words.  Not what you expect from the ol’ Pensieve Blog, eh?

Snackalicious Cookbook Recipients

Jana, Sandy, Kaytabug, Emily, Michelle, Average Jane, Christine, Alix, Joy T., Beccy, Junebug, CPA Mom, Rebecca & Jeannie

Bloggy Giveaways, chosen by my Personal Random Integer Generators
(a.k.a. my kids and husband).  Note to self:  since I have to manually count through the comments, next time coach them on choosing single-or LOW double-digit numbers, for goodness sakes!).

Stinkin’ Adorable Stampin’ Up Notecards
Tiff @ Three Peas in a Pod, #243

Silver purse & shoe charm bracelet

Michelle B. @ Our Full House , #139

Pink, Heart-shaped Valentine Soaps

Laura @ Laura Williams’ Musings, #1 (thank you, Thomas) and
Infinity Goods, (#44)


Kim (#60), Mom Unscripted, What Jesus Demands of the World, John Piper

Angela (#130), The Rock Pile, The Innocent Man, John Grisham

Alison (#173), RDH Mom, Because of Winn Dixie, Kate DiCamillo

CONGRATULATIONS and warmest thanks to all of you who joined in!

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