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<— First, take a peek at my left sidebar.  See that promotional code for Paula Deen’s online store?  The 20% discount is good until this Friday, March 28th.  WHAT ARE YOU WAITING ON???  If you haven’t already placed your order, you still have a few days to take advantage of it said the pot to the kettle  to buy a surcie for me and have it delivered in time for my birthday.  Click the graphic to get details.

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In even more exciting news, I’ll be joining my good friends Bobby, Jamie and Paula Deen at The Metropolitan Cooking and Entertaining Show in Atlanta!!!


Who cares that I’ll be just one of thousands joining them?  I’ll take my camera, wear all black and pretend to be one of the show’s professional photographers (one of my favorite discoveries of having an SLR camera is that it’s my "ticket" in to a lot of places that are otherwise off limits  wink wink).

According to the MCES website, "The show promises to be a fun, exciting, and unique experience for cooking and entertaining enthusiasts and novices of all ages…".  Right.Up.My.Alley.!!  Roughly 150 companies will be exhibiting with one goal in mind:  "to motivate you to have fun by cooking and entertaining with ease."  With ease?  Nowthat’swhatI’mtalkin’about! 

I’ll be heading back to familiar territory–the show venue, the Cobb Galleria Centre, is only a few miles from where I lived back in the day–when I was single and livin’ large in HotLanta.  If you’re interested, tickets are still available; general admission for the two-day show is just $20/advance tickets.  Reserved seating for the Celebrity Cooking Theater will put you face to face with the Deens and other chefs with mad culinary skills including Michel Nischan (creates a "cuisine of well being", focusing on the "pure and simple"), Akasha Richmond (a "self-trained chef and artisan-style baker who lends her time and expertise to groups such as Child Healthy World, Common Threads, The Organic Center"), Jon Ashton (whom I now have a HUGE crush on after toolin’ around his site–how could I not with culinary philosophies like: "Food is food. It’s calm like the sound of a
mother’s voice, and effortless like the silent dialogue between couples
in love. It’s as comforting as your favorite pair of faded jeans. Food
is expressive like Van Gogh’s masterpieces and unadulterated like a
child’s laugh. Fully naked, it is simple, provocative and needs no
pretense."?!  But, I digress….)
, and Jason Roberts (who has wanted to cook since exiting the womb and says he does it "…
to indulge my imagination, my creativity and to feed my artistic
passion. To me, cooking is the most consistent of life’s joys and is
immensely rewarding – instantly and constantly”

But for me…the icing on MY cake?  I think I might just get to meet "Phil" and his lovely bride…!


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