A mantra I mentally shout when I feel like whatever it is I’m doing isn’t enough–"DO SOMETHING–because something is better than nothing!"–has become one of my life philosophies.  I don’t even know if I’ve ever said it out loud, but it’s right "there", reverberating in the chambers of my mind.  I hear it often, echoing back when doubt begins its lethal advance. 

Doubt can be crippling but when faced with this mind-weapon I’ve created, it becomes a motivator.  Why?  Because something is better than nothing–don’t even try to tell me otherwise.

I think I’ll take a few posts to tell ya about some of my "somethings"…and encourage YOU to pursue your somethings.  I hope you’ll share your stories with me :).


Over a year ago now, I admitted my guilt over not recycling; we don’t have curbside pick up and "Convenience Centers" are not so convenient.  One of my blogging friends felt the same way, and together we determined we were going to improve in that area (we even attempted to motivate others to join our Green Party, but that effort never really took off…).  I just re-read that linked post myself and was reminded we actually had a goal: 

Our goal is …lifestyle change, to become more aware of our action AND inaction, and to understand how both affect others…".

In part I saw this as a creation stewardship issue, believing the first two chapters in Genesis addressed it.  Not recycling, per se, but taking care of the world around me; it just seemed wrong to be apathetic.

The thing about recycling is, once you begin a) you realize how much TRASH you (and your family) generate; b)  you consider how much more you could be doing; and c) you find yourself noticing EVERYWHERE you go how many recyclable items are thrown away only to end up in a landfill as opposed to being…well…recycled.   

We started small, rescuing aluminum cans and plastics–literally, the first items we saved were only drink cans and water bottles or soft drink two liters.  From there I began noticing the numbered symbols on…everything (i.e., on plastics, inside the recycling logo numbers range from 1-7 and each number identifies the type material used). 

Now, we’ve graduated to all plastics that I can clean before storing, aluminum and steel cans, cardboard, glass (sometimes) ….and, I’ve invested in canvas grocery bags instead of using paper or plastic bags (Bi-lo actually gives you a nickel back every time you use one of their bags–after 20 visits they’ll pay for themselves.  Considering I go to the grocery store monthly  weekly  daily  often, I’ll recover the original cost in no time.).

So…..if you haven’t jumped on the recycling bandwagon because it seems overwhelming or like it won’t make a difference, please…….think about this: 

Something is better than nothing.

Over the next week or two, I’ll share my "somethings" relative to exercise, faith, service and relationships….  Stay tuned :).

Thanks to Despair Inc. for the poster and to Zen for the photo.

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