Janet has come up with a marvelous idea for Fun Monday this week, and while I signed up, I realized I have nothing very "fun" to add to her theme–every attempt has fallen flat. 

Would you please consider, as long as you’re here, reading the post below?  It’s about a very worthwhile cause AND my FAVORITE Food Network family.  As an added bonus, you might discover ways you can make a difference in your own communities…AND…you can receive a 20% discount on Paula Deen’s online store!  (Thanks to those of you who’ve already commented :).  Be sure to check out Janet’s FM challenge and links to all those who actually follow her theme!)

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Have you ever been hungry?  Not the intentional skip-a-meal- or-two-to-drop-a-few-pounds kind of hungry…the kind of hungry where you don’t know when your next bite is coming.   The kind of hungry that brings shame or fear or desperation…or worse, all three.

I haven’t.  I can’t even begin to understand what that’s like.  We don’t have to go across the world to find this kind of poverty, we need only look across town. 

While it’s been a lot of fun lately foolin’ around with "all things Paula Deen", quite unexpectedly, I found reason to like her and the family all the more:  together with Smithfield Foods and America’s Second
Harvest – The Nation’s Food Bank Network – they’re in the midst of a 10-city tour to deliver one million
servings of meat to needy families across the nation (click here for more details).

Most Americans have some type of food bank in their area; near our hometown, there’s Chattanooga Area Food Bank.  There are numerous ways to volunteer, and this is a case where your time and resources have direct impact on those who live or work or go to school close to you; there are even ways to involve your children.

Won’t you take a few minutes to google information in your area?  If you’re already involved in one of these efforts, I’d love to hear your story :).  When I look into the faces of my children and imagine not being able to provide the basics for them? 

Yeah…it’s motivating. 

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