Do you have words created by your family that are used as part of your personal vernacular?  Nikki posed this question for fun today, and my first thought was I’d have a list of dozens–I’m a l w a y s making up words. 

However, the truth is, it’s an "in the moment" thing and they rarely stick around for very long.  A few that have are:

Booghetti (coined by my son for one of his favorite dishes, spaghetti, and it’s what we often call it now)
Toronado (it’s what I usually call tornadoes…but I don’t know why.  Once when we were driving with friends, I saw a cloud in the distance, pointed and said, "That looks like a toronado…!".  The husband replied, "I don’t think that’s a Toronado, I think it’s a Riviera."  I can’t remember if I explained to him what I meant or if I just let it slide…I do remember not wanting to make him feel stupid for not understanding me.)
Egubrious (I lurve this word!  It’s perfect to describe all matters of disgustation, like this story.  Sometimes the brothers just name-call it to each other, and depending on what they’re up to, it fits :/.)
Suchie (for some reason, I began calling sushi "suchie" years ago; the pronunciation is very clipped, with the accent on the second syllable.  My sushi-loving friend, Gina, told me it almost sounds profane the way I say it; I think it just sounds ignorant, but now I can’t not say it that way!)

Nikki also asked if there were any "looks" you gave one another that communicated something without the need of words.

Why yes we do, or make that, I do, and my children refer to it as "The Errrr Face".  They are wicked, wicked children because they find it sport to provoke me to the point of "this face" sometimes.  It’s that look mothers get when they are exasperated with their kids and can’t find the words to express it (and either they crack up laughing at me or turn tail and run…depending on what they know they can get away with). 

I have no pictures of me with The Errrr Face, but not for lack of their trying!  They’ve actually attempted to push me to this face just for the purpose of photographing it!  Wicked, wicked children…I think I shall sell them to the circus today–three for the price of one!

For the record, The Errrr Face works until about age six (to threaten silently)…after that, it just causes wrinkles ;).

Be sure to visit Nikki for more fun new words you might want to capture as your own!

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