If you’re visiting PENSIEVE for the first time, I’m so grateful you included me in your blog hopping this week.  I’ve recently written about the origin of my blog title (if you don’t already understand the reference) and a quick way to get to know me is to read this.

Janice and Susan’s Ultimate Blog Party is fun, but it can be over- whelming; if you’re new to blogging a few tips might help make your week even more enjoyable.

  • Don’t wear yourself out the first day.
  • IMHO, it’s better to comment meaningfully rather than comment often <—YIKES!  I realized after writing that, it must not sound like I meant it…I’m just saying it’s nice if the author can tell you actually read the post and that you didn’t just comment to "get credit" (does that sound just as "bad"???)
  • Subscribe right away to those that make an appealing first impression–you won’t remember to "come back later".

I hope you’ll add PENSIEVE to your readers or subscribe via email; if you do this week, how ’bout letting me know.  You might just win a prize.

Speaking of prizes, I almost forgot!  How could I do THAT???!  There are tons of prizes to be won at the end of the party–my favorites include (cross my fingers, throw salt over my shoulder, rub my lucky rabbits’ foot, and since we have two rabbits, I have eight feet to rub…!):

Triple Metal Hoop Earrings from Two Belles & a Bead  (#147)
A set of cool daywear including a camisole and panties by Karen Neuburger (#109)
$25 gift card to Target, donated by Mommy Bytes (#117)
$20 Amazon Gift Certificate compliments of MommyDaddy Blog (#140)
$15 GC to Amazon from Mommy Cracked (#129)
$40 credit for blog design from RS Designs (#71)
Not too far behind these are a cool knitting bag from Crafty Mom (#136), a beautiful handmade silver cross necklace from Dandelion Dayz (#135).


Wow, there’s plenty of reason to join in this week’s fun!!


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