As opposed to my typical indecision and in stark contrast to my last venture as Fun Monday hostess, I knew what I wanted to offer as a theme for next week’s posting:

Quotable quotes and words that inspire.

Perhaps it’s due to the current series simmering in the ol’ PENSIEVE…maybe it’s because I’m inspired by the words of those much wiser than me…or I wonder if it’s because I believe in the POWER of words (in keeping with my "image-bearer of God status", who also must believe in the power of words since He SPOKE the world into existence and inspired men to record His thoughts…). 

Regardless of what motivated me to choose this for a theme, next week please share words that inspire and motivate you–brief or bloviatory, silly or serious, from great world leaders to last night’s Comedy Central…from a Hallmark greeting card to your favorite book.  Choose one, choose many; let the quotes stand on their own or tell where you first read or heard them and how they affected you.  There’s a lot of leeway with how this topic can be handled.

Never participated in a Fun Monday carnival before?  You’re invited to join in this week (be sure to let me know you’re a first-timer and I’ll make note in the listing).  Be sure to let me know by leaving a comment that you’d like to participate–thanks to those few brave souls who signed up even before they knew what I had in mind:

Janet, From the Planet of Janet
Swampwitch, Anecdotes, Antidotes & Anodes
Lisa, Lisa’s Chaos
Jo, This is Jo Beaufoix…
Patience, Patience-Please


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