This month’s Poetic License is a fun challenge to write a limerick…or two…or three.  The only "rules" were to use one or more of the following key words:  green, irish, leprechaun, shamrock, Easter, Spring, kite, windy. 

Hmmmm, lemme give it a try:

In March, fly a kite, ’cause it’s windy.
I hear that’s even quite trendy.
If the wind knocks you down
Be not hero nor clown
Or for you, it might be the end-y.

(Ok…so that was just silly and not exactly real words.  How ’bout another?)

Shamrocks "speak" Irish to me.
But lucky, they’re not, you’ll agree.
My black thumb, (not green)
Kills ’em dead, it’s just mean!
Certain death, a sad guarantee.

(Plant murderer!  S u r e l y I can do better.  Hat trick, anyone?)

Easter comes early this year
We’ll celebrate with those we hold dear
Christ’s resurrection
Redemptive perfection
Now, in spirit, He always is near.

Enough from me–YOUR TURN!  Write a few of your own (or simply complete the last lines of my "starter limericks"), then link your Poetic License post below.  Non-bloggers are welcome; just drop your poem off in comments! 

Chopchop, what are you waiting on?  I can’t wait to read YOURS!!

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