Friday night I had a bona fide Girls' Night Out.  Starting with some scrumptiouGirls_at_scc_concert_2s eats at Blue Plate, an über-swank meat & three with a view of the Tennessee River, our next stop was attending a Steven Curtis Chapman concert.

Steven is a year older than me and his recording career began the year I got married, 1987.  Since then, he has released 16 albums, scored 45 #1 hits, earned dozens of music awards, and in the process, gained the affection and respect of fans and industry insiders.   

I, on the other hand, can make a scorchin' crème brûlée, have had three babies, served two years as our kids' school's PTF president, and have yet to release an album.  There's a reason for that.

There's also a reason Steven's career has such long legs:  style and substance.


For almost three hours, he sang new songs…


He sang old songs…


He shared stories about his family….


As a parent who has adopted three children (in addition to the three he and his wife, Mary Beth, had biologically), Steven encouraged others to rescue the orphaned through adoption.


In addition to his talents as musician, songwriter and singer, he's a masterful storyteller.


As a mom, I can't imagine what a THRILL it is for Steven to perform alongside his sons now–

Caleb, playin' guitar and singin' his heart out…


And younger brother, Will Franklin', a wild man with some mad percussion skills.


How cool would it be to perform with your BABIES?!  The "mom" in me was totally gushing over this.


Steven has a lot of fun with the audience…he even invited some kids on stage with him; they thought they were auditioning as back-up dancers.


Above all, Steven sings–and speaks–about his faith with heartfelt conviction…he's credible, believable.  You can tell there's something different about him in the best of ways.


Even though I couldn't score a pass for a "meet and greet", Steven Curtis Chapman is STILL one of my favorite Contemporary Christian artists; it's not the first time I've enjoyed him in concert, I'm sure it won't be the last :).


{I absolute LOVE this shot!}

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