Waiting on friends at Panera, trusty laptop in tow, I decided to check out Laura’s "15 Words" photo until they arrive. I was absolutely delighted she obviously had "me" in mind when she chose her shot:  a robin?  in the snow??  One choice, very "close" to me; the other, one of My Favorite Things.

Very distracted because I don’t have my cell phone and I’m looking up every three seconds to see if my girlieQs have arrived…here’s what poetry looks like on distraction (it’s funny to note I’ve churned out four…wonder what they’d sound like if I WASN’T preoccupied!).



When Spring brings snow
The robin delights
In God’s sense of humor.

Spring–an arbitrary date
Meaning little to the One
Who sets season into motion.

Going out on a limb
might just leave you out in the cold.

And I know this one’s over 15 words, but I couldn’t help writing a limerick.

The robin, perched high, she’s a’rocking
She’s alone, feathered friends aren’t a’flocking
It’s snowy and cold
She’s feeling quite old
And the snow on her tail is quite shocking.

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