As we say good-bye to Project Green, once again I’d like to invite you into our home.  For Project Yellow, you were ushered into our entrance foyer; directly to the left is our "keeping room", a bright and cheerful room that, although not quite finished, is one of my favorite rooms in our house.  For starters, it’s an extension of our kitchen–which IS my favorite room–and secondly, these guys live there:


No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get the lighting right;
I just don’t know enough about it.  The panels look more yellow
than green here, but in person they lean towards lime.


I even tried a floor’s eye view….

….which led me to think about how neat it would be for someone to follow you around when you’re taking pictures to capture YOU in the strangest of positions!  In the past few weeks I’ve prostrated myself on mall-parking-lot asphalt, climbed on top of chairs and tables, pulled off the side of the rode, stood on my car seat and looked out the sun roof, squatted in a grassy field–all to take a photograph. 

But I digress…pardon me!


The details in these window treatments (and coordinating fabric-covered table) is what made me squeal with little girl delight when I saw them hanging for the first time–the colorful bell tassels lend an element of playfulness to what could otherwise be just some boring old curtains.
Instead?    They’re punctuated with little drops of "happy"…
which always brings an upward curl to my lips :).

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