This giveaway will make MUCH more sense if you read what prompted me to give it.


When it comes to keeping organized, pretty accessories make a difference, yes?  One lucky commenter will win a dozen colorful file folders, a small zippered bag to begin your own purse organization, and just for kicks–having NOTHING to do with organization–a large, obnoxiously pink and green quilted duffel bag.  I’d love to tell you it’s Vera Bradley, but the truth is, it’s a Vera Bradley wannabe…;)

All YOU have to do to be eligible is read my list of 100 Things and tell me something we share in common or how we’re polar opposites (as an FYI, this idea originated from comments :)!).

Carnival_button If you haven’t already, please feel free to enter previous days’ giveaways 🙂 and check out the main Bloggy Giveaways page for THOUSANDS of dollars in prizes just waiting to be won!

Giveaway #1:  Starbucks giftcard
Giveaway #2:  Amethyst & marcasite silver ring
Giveaway #3:  Your choice of a book–THREE winners!!

Have you entered Paula Deen’s contest to win
an all-expenses paid trip to New York City yet?
Be sure to let them know PENSIEVE sentcha  :).

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