5:10 am – Phone rings.  Husband’s work.  He gets up, showers, goes in earlier than normal.  I’m trying to lasso the dream that is quickly evaporating…something about a Hogwartsian spiral staircase with manually-collapsible stairs…
5:30 am – His alarm sounds.  Wishin’ I had turned off the Devil’s Handiwork when hubster got up.  Put the pillow over my head cause it’s waaay too inconvenient to scooch over and turn off the blasted thing!
5:37 am – My bed starts shaking.
5:37:02 – WTHeck?  MY BED IS SHAKING! (much the same as when Aussie jumps up on the side, hoping for an invitation up)
5:37:12 – I call out to the dog, "Aussie?"
5:37:13 – No answer, so I sit up and say louder "AUSSIE?"
5:37:51 – I KNOW my daggum bed is shaking, but I feel CRAZY.  I think "earthquake???" thoughts.
5:38:24 – Lie back down, snuggle under covers, dream-weavin’ again.
6-something – Get up, cut on radio, AND THEY’RE TALKIN’ ABOUT A FREAKING 5.4 EARTHQUAKE IN ILLINOIS…and tremors being felt in MIDDLE TENNESSEE! 

I live in middle Tennessee.
I wasn’t imagining a vibrating bed.
I’m not crazy.
What was it like closer to the epicenter??
Vindication can be just as unsettling as the tremor itself.

I was recounting the above with my children a bit later, and my daughter said, "I FELT IT, TOO!"  She had set her alarm for 5:30 a.m. to get up early, so she was awake already.  Funny, she thought it was our CAT jumping on her bed, then decided when it continued (and there was no marauding cat), it was her own shivers she was feeling from snuggling deeper under her covers.

Apparently we have Pets of Unusual Strength (PUS) to have imagined our dog or cat shaking the timbers.

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