This is not the post I had begun to announce the 10,000th comment at PENSIEVE; since so much time has passed between then and now, I deleted the original and instead offer each of you who’ve commented over the past 15 months my sincere, heartfelt thanks.  Sincerely.  Heartfeltly.

The 10,000th comment came from a non-blogger and included a haiku!   I wish she blogged so I could send a little linky-love her way; instead, I’ll share part of Cindi’s winning comment about Pensieve:

A delightful place
to pause and reflect on life
to laugh and to cry

Perfect!–a poem, kind words, and in a few syllables, she expresses the range of my blog.  And guys, if you didn’t realize it, the $500 giftcard comment was VERY tongue in cheek (I thought it was obvious!).  I WISH I could swing that, but nope, not even close (Cindi, if you send your snail mail to me, I’ll find a special surcie just for you!).

While there were some definite comedians in the comment thread, generous thoughts like these from my "announcement post" enflame the blogging fire within–

I always enjoy your posts and your honest words and your poetry. ~ Lissa

I love reading your blog because YOU are so genuine. I know that you
care about people and you have shown it with comments and emails. 
You are a very special person. ~ Lizzie

You’re good at making what’s going on inside your world come totally alive on the page.  ~ Peculiar

I just love you, my kindred.  Only God could set up such a thing.  😉 ~ Michelle

I love that I can’t read your blog without smiling. You’re a little ray of sunshine. 🙂 ~ The Ex

I enjoy you blog because I can almost always be assured of a smile…never sure what will bring it, but alas, always a smile! ~ Cathy T.

What I love about Robin’s Pensieve?  That it is full of her light which helps illuminate mine. ~ Sandy

I think that you have a great handle on what the guts of your blog is really all about. An’ missy, I shore do like yor guts! ~ Maria

You look at the world in a unique way. You write so well, I love the way you use words – it’s inspiring. You are ALWAYS so positive. Even when you’re writing about something I don’t believe/understand/have experience of, you make it come alive for me. ~ Alix

Thanks again for your continued encouragement through reading and responding; never underestimate just how much it means to me!!



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