Imaginary animals caught my eye for today’s Project Yellow entry.  It was extremely difficult to photograph the bunny taper holder because my camera couldn’t "see" it…it took me a while to figure that out, too (me <—neophyte photographer :/).


Then there’s this little fella.  He showed up in Stephen’s Easter basket, and I haven’t quite figured out what he is.  When you slam him against a wall, he flashes light; wish I could’ve figured out how to capture that, but I guess that’s for another time.  He does make me smile, though, even when he’s not illuminating :).


Anna’s Project Yellow
continues through tomorrow evening; she’s installed a Mr. Linky if you’d like to join the bandwagon–there’s no such thing as "too late".

Project Yellow

Day 1:  Retro-funkiness meet common lamp
Day 2:  Egg cartons are pretty?
Day 3:  Butterflies & Bees (perhaps the best series I’ve ever captured)
Day 4:  American Icon

Day 5:  A floral canopy and conductor


Please be sure to visit Anna Carson for more project participants!

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