Remember the Ultimate Blog Party?

In addition to mingling with some pretty sharp bloggers, I managed to score, not once, but TWICE! 

First, from Crystal at Two Belles & a Bead, I won a pair of triple metal hoop earrings!  Crystal creates jewelry with pizazz, and no doubt you’d find many things you HAVE to have after just a few minutes at her site–gemstone jewelry, Swarovski jewelry, semi precious metals and chain maille (do yourself a favor, click to see for yourself!).

I tried to take a picture to show you, but I’m not so great at self portraits.


Isn’t that creepy?  Talk about wild-eyed…!  Not one to give up easily, I gave it the ol’ college try–


Anyone looking for a close-up of an ear?  Hmmm, I didn’t even know I had a tiny mole on my earlobe.  I wonder what else I’d find if I photographed extraneous body parts.

Never mind, I don’t really wanna know.

This one was okay aside from the chicken neck and shiny forehead and that mask-like smile that kinda froze after 274 pictures (you think I’m kidding, don’t you?  Never mind about that, too.) and the pesky fact you can’t really see the earrings.   


This is what I was going for and FINALLY got after I tried, tried, tried, tried again.


Doesn’t it look like it was MADE for me?  The bronze-y colors match my bronze-y hair.  Crystal will be MORE than happy to make a pair that match your [whatever metallic shade your hair happens to be] "natural" coloring.  Even if "natural" comes from a bottle. 

The other surprise is on its way from Alyson at Three Ps in a Pod.  It’s Loreal’s Bare Naturale Mineral Foundation powder.  I’m thrilled to try this; while I like to sample different make-up, a) I don’t like to pay to sample new make-up, because b) more often than not, I don’t like the color I end up choosing, and c) there are entirely too many choices to begin with.  What’s that thing in math called where you calculate the possible combinations given six choices for "a" and 12 choices for "b" and eight choices for "c"?  That’s what the make-up aisles at Target look like to me–visual "white noise".  Find me on that aisle trying to make a decision and ya know those ears you saw above?  Smoke’ll be curling out of them.

In other words, I’m thankful Alyson drew my name so I can try something new without frying my brain.  That kind of thing doesn’t help when you’re already suffering from Momnesiiiiiiiiiiiia.

Thank you Girlie-Qs…two surcies just for cranking the b-sphere made my day–times two!!

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