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Prompted by one of my favorite friends in the b-sphere, this month’s poetic challenge is simple.  My hope is to rope a few more of you into trying out your poetic license.


Three lines, 17 syllables, often related to nature–what could be easier than that?  Write one (or more) and check back here on Friday to link your permalink (your post not your front page) to Mr. Linky.

Haikus are simple to write; good haiku takes a bit more intention.  That sentence isn’t meant to intimidate–after researching beyond what I already knew (see first sentence of the previous paragraph), I realized their Japanese originators saw these as substantive art.  Listen to what Maria Claudia Faverio has to say about them: 

"The haiku is a miniature masterpiece of immediate perception, a snapshot of life (what Shiki calls shasei). The haiku must be perceived through intuition and enjoyed, not understood or explained. It conveys its meaning through concrete images that speak for
  themselves. There is an enormous power hidden behind apparently insignificant particulars, no word is superfluous in the haiku."

See what I mean?  A miniature masterpiece is waiting to be penned by YOU! 

Please try your hand at Pensieve’s Poetic License this week–the theme is "Spring", deliberately chosen to give you a wide berth for expression.  Please comment here to let me know you’re in (and I’ll send you a reminder on Thursday), then check back to link your poem(s) on Friday.

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