I was reminded of one of the most harrowing, painful experiences of my life (and one of the most fun to write) from Laura’s photo-poem prompt today.  As a tween, teen, then 20-something, I thought I liked roller coasters.  Now older and wiser, I realize it was peer pressure disguised as bravado, an "only-the-good-die-young death wish" confused with "carpe diem".

Here’s her picture (click it for a link to her blog with the explanation). 


Two fun poems, the third takes a serious tone.  If you give a go at these, be sure to let me (and more importantly, Laura) know.

Clickity clack
Coaster track
Crack!–there goes my aching back!

Convoluted curlicue,
Others think it’s fun.
Tortured–Help!  I’m gonna spew!
Yep, I’m done.

Staying on track
Sometimes means
The difference
Life and death.


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