As we bid farewell to Project Yellow,
oddly, these are among my favorite images.
Interested in the next color scavenger hunt? 
Visit Anna Carson on Sunday for details.

Interested in winning a trip to New York City & meeting Paula Deen? 


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Day 1:  Retro-funkiness meets common lamp
Day 2:  Egg cartons are pretty?
Day 3:  Butterflies & Bees (perhaps the best series I’ve ever captured)
Day 4:  American Icon

Day 5:  A floral canopy and conductor
Day 6:  Invisible rabbits & a ducky-chick
Day 7:  My boys–head, shoulders, no knees, but toes
Day 8:  Liquid gold, Caribbean view 🙂
Day 9:  Diamond-painted entrance foyer…mine

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