While it’s been a rush having blog traffic hit all-time highs at PENSIEVE…and I’m thrilled to have crossed paths with so many new interpeeps (bloggers and blog readers) I’m tired and I’m ready for a nap. 

Before I draw the shades and turn down the covers (why does that make me think of Amelia Bedelia suddenly??), let’s take care of some bidness:

[1]  THANKS to all my new subscribers!  You’ve warmed the cockles of my heart, even if I’m not sure what a heart cockle is.
[2]  Next week, I’ll get back to WRITING and not just posting a thousand photos and giveaway posts.
[3]  To all my previous subscribers and subscribees–I miss you.   A lot.  I hope YOU don’t have a fork stuck in you, done with me (huh?). 
[4]  You’re all invited back next week for the debut of Pensieve’s Photo 40 Challenge.  There will be prizes awarded and I’ll write a post to explain the "whys and what nots" early next week (it’s gonna be FUN, y’all!!!!!) 

TODAY’S FINAL GIVEAWAY is a $15 Target giftcard.  To be eligible for this drawing, I’m giving you a choice of what to do

Any of the previous eligibility requirements from this week–

  • Reading my 100 Things listing and telling me how we’re alike or different
  • Sharing your favorite words of inspiration
  • Scrolling my main page and telling me your favorite photo

If you’ve done all that ALREADY, could you PLEASE give me some high school graduation gift ideas (boys and girls) and wedding gift ideas?  Or…please visit the sponsors on this page (you’re on your honor on that one–I won’t be tracking it and I completely trust you 😉 ) OR enter my "friend" Paula’s contest for an all-expenses paid trip to New York City (and let her know I sentcha).

And if you’ve done all that?  And already subscribed to PENSIEVE???  For goodness sakes, tell ME you’re done with a fork stuck in you!!!

Be sure to check out the Bloggy Giveaways main page for last minutes additions!  And remember, ALL FIVE of my giveaways are open til midnight tonight, drawing to take place by Sunday at midnight.

Giveaway #1:  Starbucks giftcard
Giveaway #2:  Amethyst & marcasite silver ring
Giveaway #3:  Your choice of a book–THREE winners!!
Giveaway #4:  Quilted duffel and "organizational helps


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