Maybe it’s because my own baby is E-LEV-EN- thank-you-very-much, but these bunny kits are causing my maternal instinct to rrroar into overdrive.  The BEST thing I can do for them is to keep their mother well fed (she’s eating like a bear!) and leave them alone.  I check on them 342 times a day…from a distance.

At eight days old, the bunnies are growing right before our eyes (click their picture above right to see them the day they were born).  Interestingly, I’ve never seen Pepper feed them and I’ve only seen her step into the nest once.  Rabbits typically nurse their young between midnight and 5:00 a.m. and they don’t remain in the nest with tWeekoldbunnyrabbithem; in the wild, this would attract predators.  Without the internet at my fingertips, I would’ve thought the babies were being neglected.

Kits open their eyes around day ten, so we’re looking forward to the weekend; while they may look like they’re sleeping, click this picture and you’ll see this guy most certainly is NOT (and he caught me totally unprepared for HIS shenanigans!).

They’re very wiggly and squeak when Bananasthebunny
they’re crawling around each other–those tiny claws are sharp!  Although their parents are both black Lionhead rabbits, there’s obviously a “recessive” in that gene pool.  This fella is silvery gray, has longer ears and weighs more than the others;  I said he was “special” and the kids named him “Bananas”…do you know why?

I have a sneaky suspicion the next set of pictures I post are going to have EVERYONE begging for a baby rabbit….!

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