It’s amazing what you discover right under your nose when you’re on a scavenger hunt. 


Project Yellow
has me seeing yellow every where I turn, and today I realized I don’t have to go any farther than my own family.  Above, my oldest son sports a pair of Nikes accented in yellow; at right, my husband’s newest tee–fresh from The Masters–has a very familiar yellow icon to those who worship enjoy golf.  Below is my favorite soccer player du jour, styling in his yellow jersey.


My friend Michelle calls it obsession; as for me in total denial it’s just been an exercise in finding the "extra" in the ordinary.  🙂

If you’d like to post your own photos for Project Yellow, be sure to link them at Anna’s site.

Project Yellow
Day 1:  Retro-funkiness meet common lamp
Day 2:  Egg cartons are pretty?
Day 3:  Butterflies & Bees (perhaps the best series I’ve ever captured)
Day 4:  American Icon

Day 5:  A floral canopy and conductor
Day 6:  Invisible rabbits & a ducky-chick

Please be sure to visit Anna Carson for more project participants!

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