Are you one of the lucky ducks who has a Fresh Market in your area?  If so, I hopehopeHOPE you’re taking advantage of the free cooking demonstrations many locations offer.  A la Rachael Ray, in just 30 minutes you’ll learn how to prepare a gourmet meal.  The best part?  Actually, there are two best parts: 

  • Seared_scallops_asapargus
    You get to see in advance what you’re aiming for
  • At the end of the demo, you get to taste a sample

Later today I’ll learn how to make Seared Scallops & Asparagus with Herbed Butter Sauce.  MMMmmmmm, just the thought of it sends me to a Happy Place.

Some of my all-time favorite dishes are from these demos: Pan-seared halibut, Pork Tenderloin Paillards w/Dijon-Tarragon Wine Sauce, Pecan Bronzed Mahi Mahi, Tuscan Balsamic Chicken & Peppers (I’ve only made that once, but it’s the fanciest inexpensive meal EVAH).  See?  Aren’t you curious?  DON’T THEY SOUND DIVINE?  Come to me, luvah, I must have you NOW!   

If you don’t have a Fresh Market nearby, don’t fret–you can get to an Almost Happy Place by clicking this recipe link which includes a cooking video!

I borrowed this picture from Desert Candy, but hopefully I’ll post a revision with Chef Melanie action shots a bit later.  Stay tuned…:)

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