Visiting some of the others participating in Project Yellow reminded of some pictures I shot on our 20th anniversary trip to Hermitage Bay in Antigua.  Interestingly, they came in the form of liquid refreshment.  I had just gotten our new camera days before, and I was still learning how to cut on the blasted thing!  I wonder how different the photos would’ve looked if I were taking them today.


Carib–it’s what the locals drink (or so we were told).
The view from our private villa pool, October 2007.


I spent hours in this spot, and seeing it again makes me a bit happy/weepy.
One day soon I’ll share more about Hermitage Bay–
it comes close to personifying perfection,
and for once, I am NOT exaggerating! 🙂

If you’d like to post your own photos for Project Yellow, be sure to link them at Anna’s site.

Project Yellow
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Day 5:  A floral canopy and conductor
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