Technically, it’s not even a room, it’s our entrance foyer.  It’s a hand-painted diamond design, similar to something I had seen at an area home show.  It took a few sample boards before my painter translated what I was verbalizing to canvas, but finally, we got the result I was seeing in my mind. 

Standing at our front door, to the left, you’ll see a yellow "keeping" room with red ceiling, to the right is our dining room, red walls with a yellow ceiling.  The foyer combines both colors with black and white accents. 

No wonder I’ve been drawn to Project Yellow…it hits close to home!


If you’d like to post your own photos for Project Yellow, be sure to link them at Anna’s site.

Project Yellow
Day 1:  Retro-funkiness meets common lamp
Day 2:  Egg cartons are pretty?
Day 3:  Butterflies & Bees (perhaps the best series I’ve ever captured)
Day 4:  American Icon

Day 5:  A floral canopy and conductor
Day 6:  Invisible rabbits & a ducky-chick
Day 7:  My boys–head, shoulders, no knees, but toes
Day 8:  Liquid gold, Caribbean view 🙂


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