40orlessatpensieveltgreen So maybe I should’ve opted for the shorter title, "An ant’s eye view", but since I’ve been away from the ol’ blog, I’m trying to set titling records.  I think I won.

This week’s Friday’s 40-or-less Photo Challenge is wide open for interpretation.  All you’ve gotta do is come up with no more than 40 words to describe a response to the photo prompt.


Originally taken for "Project Looking Through", this picture never got posted, but I LOVED it!  It would’ve been fun(ny) for someone to photograph ME lying on my back underneath the goal trying to line it up "just so". 

Does it make you think of a neighborhood pick-up game?  Playing a game of H.O.R.S.E.?  Nothin’ but net??  Or, perhaps your thoughts are more abstract–perspectives, triangles and circles, games people play….  You can be as literal or as figurative as you’d like; fun, creativity and an easy post are your goals (hehe, I did NOT mean to pun!).

Poem (my favorite, no matter the form…no pressure or anything!)?  Caption?  Shortshortshort story?  Click the badge above for all the details, write a post over the next few days, then come back here on Friday to link your response.

See ya then :)!

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