I can’t help it, I’m excited…I’ve been waiting weeks?  months? for this :).

MonSamplermain180pixths ago, one of my favorite bloggers, Janice of 5 Minutes for Mom, asked me if I’d like to submit a post for The Sampler, a new weekly column they were going to debut.  It had to be an original essay, not posted elsewhere, and I jumped at the chance.  Slowly, but it was still a jump. 

Janice and I connected early in my blogging (maybe on my Dr. Kevorkian post???), and I’ve had an affection and admiration for her (and Susan) ever since.  I think they’re smart at-home moms, innovative in their blog and its offerings, and they promote women, bloggers and mom-businesses like no one else!  They’re all about Girl Power but without the feminazi edge :).

So…if you have time, I’d love for you to read my post THERE today…you’ll never get to see it at PENSIEVE. 

"A handful of pennies smells to me like idyllic

childhood days. When I happen onto that distinct

fragrance, I’m transported to one of the

memories of youth, one my own children will never know." 

PLEASE click to read more of Cents, Scents, Sense, Since ~ Pennies & Thoughts


Thanks, to Janice and Susan for including me as a Guest Contributor, and to Shera, A Frog In My Soup for hosting The Sampler (and offering tons of encouragement and enthusiasm to me personally and for the column in general).

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