WAHOOOOO!!!  In a race that appeared closer than the space between a rock and a hard place, my favorite won!!  🙂

I was wrong

Or if I was right, it didn’t matter.  Clearly, I didn’t give voting-America enough credit.

I wonder if this will apply in November…;)

(I’m thrilled for David-the-winner and I hope it’s what he wanted.  And the other David?  I wish I could hug him to pieces right now…I don’t think contrived expression adorns his face at the moment.)

Were you surprised?  Pleased?  Disappointed??  Honestly, based on what the judges said, I didn’t think the Elder David stood a chance and he was perfectly resigned to and happy with that; and poor younger David?  Ugh…after the glowing accolades, I hope he prepared for this possibility.

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