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If you’re joining the inauguration of Friday’s 40-or-less Photo Challenge, welcome and THANK YOU!  I look forward to reading your posts, and can’t wait to see how you tackled the challenge–a 40-syllable poem?  a simple caption?  40 random words?  The possibilities are many!

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Cheerfully she greets each day
Expectations high
Open arms, an eager smile
Her face turned toward the sky.
Her secret lies within her heart
Changed when touched by grace
Sweet gift to her, abiding love
Infinite embrace.

Pure joy.
With the freedom only a child can experience, arms outstretched and almost lifted by some invisible force. Her face raised, and eyes locked on something adults can’t see.
If only she could teach us this gift. Just imagine…
  ~ Kelly, Pass the Torch

“I love my ballet class; I do. Someday I’ll stuff my feet in pink toe
shoes and spin and soar onstage in front of adoring fans. But that’s
mostly for them. Barefoot dances are just between me and my Creator.”
~ Steve, themoonandamillionstars

"Is this how you welcome the morning?"  ROFLMAO! Hahahahahaha 
No.  That’s how I greet a full moon.
  ~ Kila, Mom to 3 Cubs

Relief!  ~ Emily, Growing Ropers

I think she’s just finished singing a rousing song! On the other hand……  ~ Keith

After a dreary winter, she’s enjoying the soft breezes and the warm sun. ~ Sally

She is just full of youthful joy! ~ Sheila

She looks like she is expressing freedom, maybe she is a statue of springtime! ~ Elaine

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