mattmaherbannerMatt Maher…a voice who needs to be heard, literally and figuratively.

His might not be a household name yet (if you’re a fan of contemporary Christian music), but it’s only a matter of time until it will be.  Currently, his song "Your Grace is Enough" is #13 on "Twenty-The Countdown Magazine"! Give him a listen now rather than jumping on the Matt Maher bandwagon later–cause isn’t it kinda fun for YOU to be the one recommending a GREAT new artist to your friends? 

The people at Matt’s label, Provident Music Group (a division of Sony BMG) were kind enough to send a CD to me but I had no idea what I was getting…it only took minutes to find out.  Matt’s a man who loves the Lord and has the distinct gift of communicating it artistically and lyrically.  My favorites after listening to it for weeks now?  "Leave a Light On" (its ending is powerfully worshipful), the title track "Empty and Beautiful" (a reminder that when we come to know Christ, we’re forever changed) and "I Rejoice" (a beautiful anthem that leaves you stunned in praise).

I’ve struggled to get this review written because I’ve been grasping at the "right" words to motivate YOU to listen; I so want to honor his music in a way that broadens his audience.  I’ve written, deleted, written, deleted, WRITTEN, DELETED.  This is INSANE–just go to his site, play the sample tracks and decide for yourself!!

I don’t even mind if you forget where you heard about him ;).

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