{Please be sure to read background and Metropolitan Cooking and Entertaining Show highlights 10-8 here!}

[7]  Susansnaps, #7 in my highlights, but no doubt the most inspirational story of the show. 

Susan Stachler, pictured at right with her mom, Laura, was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease her senior year in college; just a year prior, her dad had undergone chemo treatment for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and before Susan was born, her aunt (for whom she is named) died by the cruel hand of the very same cancer. 

For the Stachler’s, their mantra became "cancer is NOT okay" and they found a way to fight back–establishing the Susan Carver Foundation to fund cancer research.  Perfecting a family recipe, they began making and selling the "ultimate ginger snap"– Susansnaps–and a portion of every sale is directed to the foundation.


The recipe is her mom’s but Susan created the adorable artwork and packaging for Susansnaps; each lady radiates her own personality, which I think gives us a glimpse into Susan’s.  And if you’re wondering about the cookies?  Yum.Meee!  Just like POPs, you can buy them on-line; a visit to their site will bring light into your day :).

[6]  Like a Pavlovian rat, I cannot go to Atlanta without a visit to Huey’s.  Their breakfast is one of my FAVORITE of all time!  Pillowy, powder- sugared perfection, I can’t eat my weight in them, but I sure want to.  Their omelettes  are artwork,the shrimp and grits rival any coastal pleasure, but the beignets?  Melt-in-your-mouth-fried-dough yumtastic!!

…Metropolitan Cooking and Entertaining Show highlights to be continued 🙂   

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