An ordinary Charms Blow Pop, two treats in one.  Labor your way through the hard, sugary lollipop shell and find a sweet bubble gum reward.  What I’ve always taken for granted as a right of childhood is really a bit extra ordinary given a bit more thought–might you agree? 

Either way, I’m curious…what thoughts and memories does this photo conjures for YOU?

As with every Friday’s 40-or-less Photo Challenge, take a few minutes to pen a poem, offer a title, coin a caption or simply write the first thoughts that pop in your head.  It doesn’t have to be a literal interpretation of this picture but maybe about your favorite treats or if you ever actually counted the licks it took to get to the center….  The only rule?  Keep it under 40 words.

What could be easier?  Invite your readers to join in and we’ll have one whiz-bang of a party!!

Congratulations to last week’s winners of POPS–gourmet popcorn trufflesKim, Peculiar and Marmite & Tea.  Warm thanks to the Three Sisters for providing them!

See ya back here on Friday when Mr. Linky will be up for you to link your Friday’s 40 post!


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