I.  American Idol

The b-sphere has been arkishly flooded with armchair-judge Idol commentary throughout the season, articulating perfectly my own thoughts for me; to have added my two cents was little more than "adding to the noise".

H o w e v a h…this time…

I had a thought last night and I’m wondering if it crossed anyone else’s mind:

Did David Cook
–my choice–take an intentional dive? 

Archuleta is a darling!  He had me at "Hello"!!  My only complaints about him are his gestures and expressions feel a bit contrived and staged, and I’m waaaay over his shock and awe in response to the judges favorable accolades. 

There has been little doubt he’s destined for stardom, though, his talent SCREAMS even in the quiet.  And honestly?  It’s a refreshing breath of sweet air to see a potential role model for tweens and teens who might just keep his clothes on for the duration.  One can hope.

Last night David Cook’s song choices were lacking; while he performed them well, it felt like he held back, that he wasn’t giving his b.e.s.t.  To have performed an unfamiliar song for his last slot?  Brilliance or madness, and I’m afraid I believe the latter.

Unless the answer to my question above is "yes"….  If he’s not voted American Idol 2008, he’ll have much more freedom and control over his career, creatively and otherwise.

It’s a calculated risk, one that surrenders his ego for a season, but perhaps the most brilliant move he could make after all. 

Ask Chris Daughtry ;).

II.  Dancing With the Stars

While Jason and Christian were VERY watchable and a joy to watch "mature" in their abilities, let’s hear it for GIRL POWER this year–

I loved her "pink" jive in week nine.
J’adore-adore her fast, fun & quirky jive in week six!!
Her Cha Cha Cha in week seven was cha-mazing!
She waltzed with elegance, emotion and beauty…
"Vertical expression of horizontal desire"?   Her Rumba was passionate and sensual, without falling into tastelessly lewd.

Congratulations to Kristy Yamaguchi and her partner Mark Ballas!  They entertained with excellence and grace week after week after week! 

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