SFunmondaylogoauntering Soul’s theme for Fun Monday–"How I can be a jerk"–wasn’t something I wanted to write about, but three instances are so current I felt like I needed to own up to them; two of the three involve blogging.

[1]  Why I won’t win mother of the year; written as both an encouragement to other moms and as a gentle reminder of what NOT to do.

I’m embarrassed about the following instances.  These fall under the category of Poor Blogging Etiquette:

[2]  Failing to post an entry for my friend, Karmyn’s (Dreaming What Ifs) virtual baby shower carnival, hosted by Swampy (Anecdotes, Antidotes and Anodes).  Karmyn is one of my oldest blogmates and I couldn’t be more thrilled for her upcoming arrival!  It never occurred to me how b.u.s.y. my week would become, preventing me from completing a post on Friday.  If I had posted something on Friday, I’d probably would’ve given her something like this–COMPLETELY OUTRAGEOUS and something the whole family could enjoy :).

[3]  Posting my OWN blog carnival late!!  "Friday’s 40 Photo Challenge" didn’t get posted until Saturday (if I were a dog, you’d see my head hung low looking up at you 40orlessatpensieve
with puppy eyes, tail between my legs :/)!   SINCERE thanks to those of you who participated, and this week I promise I’ll be early on time.

Because I’m genuinely excited about this weekly Photo Challenge and I feel so bad about what happened last week, this week’s participants will be eligible to win some of these!  Trust me–it’ll be worth your time for a chance to try them!

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