Pensieve_button_black_poetic_licens When you read my poems for this month’s Poetic License, there will be little doubt what I was doing just prior to writing them.

There’s plenty of time for you to write yours and link it–CLICK HERE for everything you need to know about this month’s form and theme.  Non-bloggers are welcome to leave their clerihews in comments; I’ll post them below if you do :).

Get this…AFTER I wrote mine, I remembered there WAS a theme!  I forgot to follow it!  Geezaroni–guess I’m adhering to the "No rules.  Just write" mantra of Pensieve’s Poetic License.

The judge Miss Paula Abdul
Bless her heart, sometimes looks like a fool.
She’s nice but she doesn’t make sense
Is she drunk or really that dense?

Jason Castro sang like Bob Marley
His dreads were even more gnarly.
Simon became homicidal–
When he forgot words on American Idol.

My favorites are two boys named Dave
When they sing, I rant, yes, I rave.
I can’t decide who I like best
With ’em both, I’m a little obsessed.

Okay, okay….here’s one in honor of National Hamburger Month:

Do you remember J. Wellington Wimpy?
His girth was hardly skimpy!
"I’d gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today."
Is the only line I ever heard him say.

Photocredit:  The Dessert Years

40orlessatpensieveIf Poetic License isn’t your style, how ’bout trying Friday’s 40-or-less Photo Challenge? Last week’s inaugural challenge was delightful–I was honestly impressed with how much can be said in less than 40 words!  Join us?

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