A fresh perspective

Is all you need

To reach your goal.


Robert (Thoughts of a Father) asked recently, "Why FORTY or less?" and I realized I never explained the origin.  The answer?  Limericks.  Yep, limericks…I love ’em.  The humor, the wit, the rhythm…they usually bring a smile.  Soooo…with Friday’s 40 PC I wanted to make sure there were enough words within the guidelines to allow for ’em.  Five weeks into this carnival, I’ve yet to pen one myself and I don’t think I’ve seen one elsewhere, but if you wanna "win" for the week?  A well-written limerick should do the trick ;).

I’m looking forward to reading your perspectives for the photo above–have I mentioned that I LOVE this shot?  I took it lying on my back on our very cold, very hard concrete driveway, and the day couldn’t have been more Carolina blue :).  The resultant image is very crisp, clean, and a distant view of the light above our goal.  It’s just FUN and I thought your responses to the photo prompt could be all over the place–we’ll see!  Be sure to visit one another to see how similarly–or how differently–we interpreted the photograph.

New to Friday’s 40-or-less Photo Challenge?  General guidelines are here; click here for this week’s challenge details. 

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