[5]  Crinkly-eyed smiles and dimples you can get lost in.

I’ve seen Bobby and Jamie Deen on television and in print, but never in person before Saturday; let’s just say they’re "beautiful people" and be done with it. 

Okay, I’m not done with it…I wanna say more.

One brother is chasing 40, the other is winking at it over his shoulder.   One is married with a two-year-old, the other was a 2006 People Magazine’s "Hottest Bachelor".  Both s i z z l e.

My sister and I just happened to walk in to the MC&E Show when tMe_and_jamie_deen_2hey walked onto the floor.  In a flurry, my sister snapped a picture of me and Jamie while I quizzed him about Phil-the-webmaster.  Jamie assured me Phil was real, brilliant, they were fortunate to have him in their organization, and he most definitely was not a machete-wielding murder-rapist-er. 

When I bought tickets for the Viking Celebrity Cooking Theater to see the Deen brothers and their mama, I didn’t realize it was such a large venue.  I was thinking an up-close-and-personal cooking demo like the ones at Fresh Market; I might as well have been lickin’ toads to be so misguided!  Their session was entertaining; it just wasn’t what I expected (they talked more than cooked).

Bobby and Jamie have great chemistry, infectious personalities and a high regard for women.  No wonder they charm women from 16 to 96!

[4]  Crazy celebrity-chef fans.Lady_and_sons_painted_toe_nails

If you’ve read me
for any length of time–heck, if you just take a look at my left sidebar!–you know I notice feet.  The insane thing about this picture is this lady didn’t think it was odd at.tall. that I wanted to photograph her feet–she was VERY proud that Paula asked her to "plop her foot right up on the table" so she could get a closer look. 

ThDsc_0689en there’s Charles-the-Pastry-Chef.  He wanted to create something spectacular… memorable…an
original work of culinary art for his Kitchen Princess.  So, he married two of Paula Deen’s favorite things–butter and Elvis– and voila!  An Elvis-Impersonated- by-a-stick-of-butter cake!  At the show it made p.e.r.f.e.c.t. sense.  Now?  Well…you be the judge (click his picture for a close-up of the cake).

Do you think stalking having my picture taken with cutie-pie Celebrity Chefs Jason Roberts and Jon Ashton makes ME a crazed celebrity-chef fan? 


Robin_lora_jon_ashton_3_2Both of ’em have killer accents and me thinks they’re comfortable with the ladies…. 

Stay tuned…my top three highlights are coming soon :).

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