This week’s 40-or-less photo challenge will leave you salivating.

"Why?" you ask.  Two reasons.

First, the photograph itself. 


Turndown Service at the Intercontinental Hotel, Buckhead, Ga.  May 2008.

Don’t you wanna just slip into your coziest jams, crawl underneath the covers, carefully place the greeting card, chocolate and orchid on the bedside table just out of view (to be enjoyed again in the morning), arrange those pillows "just so"…and wriggle and squirm until your body finds the perfect position?  Then sleep for four days straight? 

Maybe that’s just my weariness speaking after a long day and sleepless night.  While Tad and I have enjoyed a past romantic getaway to this very hotel, right now SLEEP sounds about as sexy as you can get! 🙂

This was the scene a few weeks ago after my sister and I attended the Metro Cooking & Entertaining Show in Atlanta and I hadHadHAD to capture the shot!  I **heart** priceline.com for making these types of places accessible.

Reason #2 to salivate:
Do you remember my first post about the MC&ES where I mentioned my affections for 3 Sisters and their POPS popcorn truffles?  Well, I sent the girls a link to that post to let them know I was talking about them behind their back…AND THEY’VE OFFERED TO SHARE SOME OF THEIR TREATS WITH PENSIEVE READERS!  These three precious girls wrote me back with words of beauty and I was touched by their kindness and generosity.

If ever there was an incentive to join Friday’s 40-or-less Photo Challenge, NOW would be it!  🙂

Click the F40PC badge for details….  Does this photo make you long for your own romantic get-away?  A girls weekend full of shopping and fun?  Does it make you wonder how "the other half live".  Or maybe you could wax poetic about the merits of fine linens…however this picture inspires you, spend a few minutes writing your response, and then check back here ON FRIDAY to link your post and blog hop to see how others interpreted the picture.

Note:  if you comment to this post or have participated in the past, I’ll send you a reminder email to link on Friday.

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