If you write a post for Friday’s 40-or-less Photo Challenge (and I really hope you’re planning to), you’re eligible for a drawing to receive a sample of Brothers-ALL-Natural Potato or Fruit Crisps.  Their marketing reps contacted me to see if I was interested in trying them, and when they offered extras for readers, OF COURSE I said "sure".  Only a few people have committed to FFPC, so you stand a good chance of winning one of the three sample packs. 

Brothers-ALL-Natural Crisps are a healthy alternative for snacking, and I wish they hadBrothersallnaturalcrisps_2
been around when my children were younger.  The Fruit Crisps are freeze-dried with no added sugar or preservatives; the Potato Crisps have no added oils or preservatives, but they have a lot of flavor, seasoned with spices and sea salt. 

My daughter joined me in a taste test.  Our reaction?  Mixed.  Although the Black Pepper and Sea Salt Potato Crisps were more flavorful, we both preferred the Original with Sea Salt.  You can taste the freshness.  For the Fruit Crisp, she liked one of their newest flavors–White & Yellow Peach–best.  I liked the Fuji Apple. 

This is the first time I recall trying freeze-dried ANYTHING–and keepin’ it real, I’ve gotta admit it’s an acquired taste (the texture is different, too).  That being said, how can you argue with 35 calories in a serving of Brothers-ALL-Natural Potato Crisps compared to 150 calories in a serving of Lay’s Classic Potato Chips?  And NO fat compared to 10 grams?  The Fruit Crisps are fat-free, too.  I would much rather my children snack on these than the junk I’ve allowed for years.  It’s wild to think had I started when they were younger, greasy fried chips would be the "acquired taste".

Among other grocers, you can find Brothers All Natural snacks at Costco and Whole Foods or order online anytime. 

What perfect timing for them to make contact :).

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