Normally, with Laura’s weekly "15 Words" photo prompt, a dozen ideas quickly form.  Today?  Complete writer’s block.  All I could come up with from her photo below seemed expected and contrived and done a thousand times over.

….until I remembered as a child playing with our neighbors and their two-landing staircase.  We’d grab blankets and pillows and slide down their hardwood stairs over and over and over, stopping only after we were covered in bruises.  We’d go feet first and head first, sometimes two at a time. 

When I heard my own kids doing this recently, it brought back the memory.  They played for an hour, and their laughter took me back to that place.  Completely entertained, they didn’t need anything electronic to hold their attention–just slippery sleeping bags and a little imagination.  My husband was concerned they might put a foot through the sheetrock; to me, it was worth that price….


the Ordinary
becomes Thrill Ride.
Bumps, bruises
worthy price to pay.

Please visit Laura Salas if the photo prompts a 15-word poem of your own :).

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